Vilain Garçon Cone Of Shame

Vilain Garçon Cone Of Shame


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Have been a good boy/girl or a bad boy/girl? You know immediately when you see a pet wearing the Cone of Shame that they need to be kept in control, for their own good of course.

The cone part is made of one single piece of rubber, with three locking buckles in the back, to make sure your sub does not take it off without permission.

The sub wearing the Cone of Shame will have a very intense experience, with their sight being limited to a small area in the front above them and the sounds in the room being amplified because the parabolic shape concentrates all sound waves towards the center.

Also, not being able to see any part of their body, it will put them in a very strong headspace where they’re only a head at your mercy. If you present any treat in front of the sub (pups love sausages we have been told), since it will be the only thing in their field of vision, it will make them obsessed with it!

And since it is rubber, it is also a great way to pour any liquid on your sub, whether they are reluctant to get groomed, shampooed or offered a special shower, it will any way be super easy to clean!

© Vilain Garçon

In stock (can be backordered)

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Composition and care:

100% Rubber with brass eyelet, rivet & buckle
Wash delicately by hand with water and soft soap only if you have a stain on your piece.
Do not put the product in the washer or dryer.
Made in Montreal, by Vilain Garçon

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