Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, we do, we use Canada Post, DHL or UPS shipping services

A: We use American standard sizes for all our products. Unless the item has a specific size chart, you can refer to our general size guide to help you choose.

A: As stated on our online policy, we ask for a grace period of up to 5 weeks starting the date of purchase for us to complete the order. Since we do everything by hand it allows us to create unique top-quality items. You will receive a shipping email with the tracking number once the order has shipped.

A: Once we pack the order and ship it, it is out of our control to know its whereabout or when it will reach its destination. Please contact the carrier for more information.

A: All our prices are in CAD

A: When purchasing from out of country location, export and import fees may apply, they are called customs fees. These fees are out of our control and change from country to country. If you have any complaints concerning customs fees, please contact your local elected officials.  
A: Broken snaps and tore in clothes are unfortunate but common. If you live in the Montreal area, we will gladly repair it or re snap it. Some fees may apply. If you feel like the merchandise was defective, visit our store policy to see if the conditions are applicable to your product. If the snaps have been broken out of use, please contact our customer service at
A: We do customisation on our existing models. The customizations available are on the website. If you are not sure you can address an email to avec with details. We will not create a new model on demand. It is never a simple idea, it does require a lot of work, time and logistics. If you have a specific animal in mind, we will gladly add it to our suggestion box.
A: We only do repairs on our own products. If the harness comes from another store, follow that store policy.
A: No. We have a large selection of neoprene for you to choose from. We have a suggestion box; we will put it in for future neoprene selection.
A: As stated above, the customizations available are on the website. You are free to customise the mask you purchase as you wish. Once you modify the integrity of our models, we will not repair/replace it in case of damage.
A: All our available models and items are online. if it is not online, it is no longer available sorry.
A: No. Wholesale Prices are for selected physical stores. Through our influencers and monthly promotions, we offer a lot of opportunities to save. Keep an eye on our promotions through our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.
A: No. The sell of poppers is illegal in Canada.