It all began in 2017, one sunny afternoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We noticed that our clothes were losing color and losing their shape. That is when the idea struck us to create clothing of all sizes, accessible to everyone, right in Montreal. We took it upon ourselves to oversee every aspect of the product, from conception to display in our store. After brainstorming a few ideas and sipping on margaritas, we made the decision to embark on this exciting project.

Fast forward to May 5, 2018, when we proudly opened the doors of our boutique, Mistrbear L’atelier, located in the heart of Montreal’s Village. Our store offered a fashion line for the LGBTQIA+ community, both inside and outside, as well as a fetish line and a variety of products in collaboration with talented Canadian artisans.

With our increasing popularity, we had the privilege of becoming a distributor for renowned stores such as Leather64ten Chicago and Passional Boutique in Philadelphia in 2020. Then, at the beginning of 2021, Les Folies du Cœur in Quebec City welcomed our products onto their shelves and then we had the exciting opportunity to adorn the walls of Spit It Out in Europe. And finally, in 2023, we had the exciting opportunity to open our second location in Puerto Vallarta, where it all began.

Mistrbear is sailing with the wind at its back. Stay tuned to discover our upcoming projects.


Starting with five sewing machines, then six, and eventually expanding to eight, Mistrbear’s team of employees is responsible for designing patterns, cutting fabrics, and assembling the pieces. In most cases, we source our fabrics and materials from local suppliers, carefully selecting fibers that enable us to offer you flexible and comfortable fabrics, often made from recycled and/or natural materials.

Our aim is to cater to customers of all shapes and sizes, from extra small to four extras wide, without any judgment, and to celebrate all body types. As a manufacturer ourselves, we also provide after-sales service, allowing us to repair our products and make minor alterations on-site. This ensures that we can continue to serve you and maintain the quality of our offerings.


Our guidelines encompass a wide range of styles. Whether you visit our store or explore our website, you will discover a diverse selection, including avant-garde urban looks and timeless Canadian classics, all meticulously crafted with our designer’s signature touch. The breadth of choice extends not only to our fashion line but also to our favorite line.

To complement your purchases, we offer an extensive range of accessories and an assortment of sex toys from renowned brands like Mr.B, and Oxballs. Additionally, we proudly feature collaborative products with esteemed Canadian companies such as Bent, Sage, Vilain Garçon, and our local drag performers.

With such an array of options, we strive to ensure that your shopping experience is complete and tailored to your preferences.


We are very aware of the fight against bullying related to the body. Our best weapon is to offer clothes of all sizes to demonstrate that beauty is all body. Everyone is beautiful regardless of their format.


We are a local business and encourage buying and partnering with other local Canadian businesses. We want to set our standards for our quality according to our requirements here.


Inclusiveness & social involvement within our community is also important to us. This is why we are involved in various associations, projects and activities in order to support our 2slgbtqia + community.


The customer will always be our number one priority. All of our advisors are carefully trained to help you find what is best for you according to your budget and your desires. You will not find any pressure selling at Mistrbear. We promise you a warm welcome and a frank and honest opinion.

Want to know more or see how we work? Visit the store, we will be happy to present our team, our original creations and our passion for people. As we say ourselves « It all starts with a dream, a few crazy ideas, a few margaritas and above all wanting to make a difference. »


Designer / co-owner

Jonathan continued his studies at Lasalle College in fashion design. He founded his company Grandolfo from 2005-2019 where he had numerous stage costume contracts for various companies and innovated in the creation of costumes for the various performing artists of the 2slgbtqia + community. Jonathan now unleashes his creativity in the workshops of Mistrbear.


Shop director / co-owner

Christian is an entrepreneur who has had several businesses to his credit. Very present in the 2slgbtqia + community for several years, he knows how to represent it and help customers with their slightest requests. Artist, author and life coach, Christian allows each person to discover the best of themselves and gives Mistrbear his big ideas.


Social and community involvement is also imperative for Mistr Bear and his team. This is why we get involved in various associations, projects and activities so that we can help our beautiful LGBTQ + community and all those who love them.