Thin Leather Simple Collar

Thin Leather Simple Collar


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Introducing our Fetish Leather Collar, a powerful and sensual accessory. Made from high-quality leather, it enhances your erotic experiences. With an adjustable design and sturdy hardware, it adds a touch of dominance. Perfect for BDSM play or embracing your kinks, this collar ignites passion and elevates encounters. Explore your desires with confidence and style.


  • 1 inch
  • S/M: 13.5″ to 16.5″ (35cm to 43cm)
  • L/XL: 15.5″ to 18.5″ (40cm to 47cm)
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Composition and care:

100% Real Leather,

Leather care:  Leather require special care, you can clean superficial stains or marks with “Saddle Soap”. Do not spot clean your leather; if you have to clean one spot, clean the entire surface so you don’t create more. You can also use a clothe and lukewarm water to wipe off any liquid or other superficial stains but if you need a deep cleaning please refer to a professional.
Store your piece in a ventilated area, leather needs to bread.

Made in Montreal, Canada at the Mistrbear Store

Shipping and returns:

Leather and Fetish items are final sale for sanitary reasons.
For more information please refer to our shipping and exchange policy or contact us.
Our collections are handmade in Montreal, orders can take up to 30 days to ship if the product you want is not in stock!

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