JERK stoker JO toy rubs you just right…multi-ribbed inside to stroke as hard or soft as you like. Easy grip “dumbbell” shape stays in your lube-covered hand, grip it tight for max sensation, looser for a long stroke. This toy sucks…suction builds up in the tip where you want the most friction. It’s made of our blubbery-strong FLEXtpr so it’s soft and squishy on your junk.

Beat your meat with JERK, the new squishy, stretchy fuckable jack-off toy from OXBALLS.
The ribbed insides massage your manhood and the super-soft FLEXtpr rubber feels fucking amazing slidin’ and slurpin’ on your dong.
Fill it with lube, stuff your junk in, and pound it like you would a wet mouth or a hungry butthole.
The suction cup base creates a hot suckin’ sensation down on your fuck stick with every thrust of your swollen cock.
For some seriously sloppy sucking, we recommend burpin’ out all the air by firmly squeezing out any excess air surrounding your cock.