Keep it clean! Douching has never been easier than with the Mister B portable doucher! Great for travel and those unexpected times when you need to be prepared for anal action. Just fill the bulb with water and squirt. The silicone nozzle is very soft and flexible. It’s also very easy to clean and the nozzle stores discreetly inside the bulb when not in use. It’s also very lightweight making it perfect for travel!

The Mister B Portable Douche Silicone is the perfect travel douche. It has a perfect sized bulb to fill your rectum with enough water and make your douching experience as comfortable and efficiently possible. The silicone nozzle is very soft and flexible. This makes it easy to insert over and over again. It has the perfect length that it slides in without any issue and is long enough to reach deep for a thorough cleaning. The four-way squirt style of the nozzle is sure to reach every spot inside you to make your douche a good one!

To use you simply fill the bulb with slightly warmed water, screw in the nozzle, insert in your rectum and squirt. Expel the water and repeat this process until the water comes out clear. You can use lube on the nozzle for easier entry and always clean the douche after use.

Do not share your anal douche with other sexual partners and always use a silicone compatible lubricant like Mister B Lube with this product.

Cleaning is easily done with Mister B Care Toy Wash or mild soap and water before and after each use. Use Mister B Care Toy Clean Spray for extra hygienic measures.

Insertable nozzle length: 10 cm


Bulb: PVC

Nozzle: Silicone